Our process is evidenced by a disciplined and transparent development system. Every Gracorp project is carried out in our process framework called the Gracorp Execution Management System (GEMS). GEMS was designed to fit into the Graham Group’s corporate proprietary process called the Graham Management System to ensure adherence to best practices in the development and construction process.

GEMS tracks and organizes internal and external deliverables through each phase of the project, leading to efficient and effective project execution. GEMS guides the project team through the duration of Gracorp’s involvement, from initial discussions to post-occupancy.

Gracorp draws on a vast library of data and experience developing, building, and managing various project types over several decades. This means stakeholders can rest assured that a concept design is well grounded, as it is consistently analyzed through constructability and financial feasibility lenses and therefore reliably cost-estimated. We also follow best practices in project management, where our scheduling, budgeting and risk management processes allow stakeholders to monitor the progress transparently.

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Our Capabilities

From acquistion and development to building and management, we are uniquely qualified to bring your project to life and ensure lasting success.

Our Alignment

We develop partnerships from a diverse client base and have the expertise to ensure positive project outcomes for all stakeholders. 


Our company is led by the best in the industry. With their experience and knowledge of the niche markets we serve, our team drives our success.